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Life comes with many challenges.

Cold sores should not be one of them.

Furthermore, you deserve more than a random bottle of Lysine off the shelf containing GMOs and allergens, foreign made, and not vegan safe, or a drug that is unnatural and requires a prescription.

Seriously! You deserve the best product for lip care.

The highest quality will have certifications
from third-party organizations.

So-B is the first certified product for lip health.

With over ten certifications including NSF certified, Vegan certified, PETA certified, GMO-Free certified, Major Allergen Free certified, Clean certified, and many others.

We provide evidence for every certification. Why? Because marketing claims are not good enough. You should know and trust what's going into your body.

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Lysine and Camu Camu together...Wow! That's exciting innovation for lip health.

So-B combines the healthiest fruit in the world with pure Lysine to support lip health, calcium absorption, anxiety, skin health, and a healthy immune system.

Did you know that Camu Camu is a 'Superfood' with the highest known Vitamin C content of all fruits, providing 30-60 times more natural vitamin C than orange or lemon?

What customers are saying

I received my first bottle. I love the schedule that came with the package.

Arnette 10/17/2020

I received my first bottle. The mint scent was a nice surprise.

Shelia 10/19/2020

I'm taking So-B every morning with my coffee.

Robert 10/20/2020

I received my first bottle. I'm very impressed.

Jessica 10/24/2020

Better for you. Easier for you.

Skip the stores and doctor visits. So-B was developed to give you the greatest quality, while free shipping and monthly deliveries make sure you never run out.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don't like it, don't worry. We'll gladly give you a full refund.

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Rethinking Lip Health

By sending So-B directly to you, we can invest in greater purity, safety, and transparency. Quality never found in a store.

Major Allergen & Gluten-Free
Glyphosate Residue Free

Still not convinced? Get a no-risk 30 day supply on us.

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What customers are saying

Excellent customer service.

Brian 9/28/2020

The first brand I know obsessed with greater quality without customers asking.

Jeff 8/15/2020

This product is going to help many people across the country. Love it.

Renee 10/17/2020

I like that it is packed with additional benefits I need.

Carolyn 9/13/2020

Medical Advisory Board

Our medical advisory board helps drive innovation, product integrity, and continuous improvement with their experience, knowledge, and professional guidance.

Dr. Alex Sadauskas, MD

Dr. Keshia Keith, PhD, LPC, NCC

Dr. Devin Miller, MD

Dr. Joshua Lesko, MD

Products committed to you in every way.

Working for you daily, 365 days for carefree lip health.


Backed by science, advanced
by innovation for lip health.


More support and nutritional
compounds to advance lip health.
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Our strongest product
to improve lip health.
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What customers are saying

I like the packaging a lot.

Josh 8/24/2020

I love that you are giving back. That is a plus for me.

Shaneka 10/18/2020

I love that the focus is more about helping people than making money.

Emily 9/25/2020

Thank you for caring and being empathetic to my daughter who is teased about this.

Rose 8/6/2020

Designed to improve lip health for a carefree future.

We were not satisfied with the status quo, quality, or existing products, so we created something better.

See The Science

Science In The News

“Camu camu is the newest superfood rock star. It is an excellent source of nutrients and amino acids that are vital to health and wellness.”

“These immunity-boosting berries, Camu camu, are said to have more naturally occurring vitamin C than any other single food source on the planet.”

“People describe amino acids, like L-Lysine, as the building blocks of protein because they combine with other compounds to form macronutrients.”

“Like other phytonutrients and plant chemicals, the flavonoids in Camu camu offer powerful immune system benefits for optimal health.”

“Studies indicate that supplementation with Camu camu, naturally containing flavan-3-ols or anthocyanidins may improve health.”

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