Benefits of Lysine and Why More People Don’t Use It

Tue, Feb 23, 21

Lysine is an alpha amino acid that is used in the biosynthesis of proteins. In other words, lysine helps create the proteins in your body that keep you looking young and healthy.

It’s said that you can tell a person’s age by looking at their lips and hands, and lysine is especially effective when it comes to maintaining lip health. From stopping lip blemishes in their tracks to aiding in collagen production, this amazing organic compound has the ability to boost your confidence and overall health.

Lysine is not something that the body can create itself, so it must enter the body through food or dietary supplements. However, not all supplements are created equal.

How Can Lysine Help Me?

Supports Lip Health

As previously stated, lysine has been shown to impact lip blemishes. When you feel self-conscious, your job performance, social life, and overall mental health can be affected. Lysine is thought to block arginine, an amino acid that has been known to contribute to unsightly lips. *

May Reduce Anxiety

A small study determined that giving lysine to a group of people who suffered from hypertension (and were deficient in the amino acid) benefited from receiving lysine. Surprisingly, that boost was all it took for their levels to balance out. *

Other studies have indicated that lysine can help reduce cortisol levels and block stress receptors. *

Supports Calcium Retention and Absorption

Some studies have shown that taking lysine along with a calcium supplement results in more calcium retention and absorption. *

Supports Collagen Creation

Vitamin C aids in the creation of collagen, and So-B is made with camu camu. This exotic super fruit contains 30-60 times more naturally occurring vitamin C than typical citrus fruits like oranges and lemons.

Collagen has made a name for itself in the beauty world, but it’s also an important factor when it comes to more basic necessities, like healthy joints and gums. Without the required amount of collagen, joints can deteriorate and teeth can loosen. *

Lysine helps to make collagen even stronger. *

Supports Eye Health

Similar to lip blemishes, eye blemishes are impossible to hide. Therefore, they can cause a lot of unwanted attention and embarrassment. Lysine has shown promising results when it comes to keeping eyes clear and healthy.

In one study, lysine showed promising results in preventing cataracts.

Why Haven’t I Heard More About Lysine?

With these incredible results and endless health benefits, it seems strange that lysine hasn’t received more attention. It should be as normal a supplement to discuss as, say, vitamin D and calcium.

Doctors agree that lysine is vital to human health. We’ve seen that it is very likely to help with lip health, skin health, and eye health. So why aren’t more people taking it and talking about it?

While other vitamins and minerals are readily available with endless options for consumption, lysine has so far been seen as a niche compound. At So-B, we know that lysine can benefit everyone. Our goal is to offer full transparency while making lysine more accessible, with a delivery option that fits every lifestyle.

Most lysine currently on the market fail to meet the following criteria:

Made in the USA

Most lysine supplements are shipped from overseas, so they may not be held to the same GMP standards as U.S. products. Some consumers hesitate to take pills from an origin they view as questionable. Others simply prefer to support the U.S. economy.

Vegan/GMO-free products

It’s hard to find a lysine supplement that is certified major allergen-free, GMO-free, vegan, and clean. Many consumers are conscious of their role in protecting the environment and preventing animal cruelty. They want to ensure the supplements they purchase contain no animal products or byproducts.

Easy to take

Lysine supplements are usually found in the form of large pills, which many people call “horse pills” (for good reason). They are simply unappealing and difficult to take. Another popular supplemental form is powder. This takes up storage space and makes taking the supplement in a speedy swallow impossible.

At So-B, we check all the boxes.

Our products are made in the United States, they are vegan, GMO-free, major allergen-free, and clean. Our company is paving the way when it comes to creating more innovative healthy options.

We believe in lysine and everything it can do to keep the human body healthy, and we hold our products to the highest standard.

Countless Quality Specialists Agree!

So-B is top of the line.

• Intertek Agricultural Services has certified our product as GMO-free.

• Merieux NutriSciences has certified So-B as major allergen-free.

• PETA has registered our company as cruelty-free.

• has verified So-B has vegan safe.

• We are NSF International certified, C.L.E.A.N. certified, glyphosate-free, and Halal certified.

So-B is made in an FDA-registered facility and a GMP-registered facility, which means our products are consistently produced and quality controlled.

Our company also consists of a product advisory board. This is made up of four doctors who use their vast knowledge of human health and safety to ensure we are creating the most beneficial product possible.

To put it plainly, we want to leave consumers with no excuses when it comes to trying this life-changing product. Our quality control is unmatched, and we even have plans to release further forms to make taking lysine not only easier but enjoyable.

Purchasing So-B is easy. You can choose a one-time purchase or a subscription. We even offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

Improve your lip health, improve your outlook, and improve your daily life by ordering So-B today.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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