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Fri, Feb 26, 21

Robert Hall has everything consumers want to see in the CEO of a company. (Robert might be too humble to say that himself, but we’re his team and we’re allowed to be proud). He’s built the So-B company from the ground up, not only because he was a born entrepreneur, but because poor lip health has affected him personally.

Robert knows from experience how disappointing unsightly lips can be to a person’s confidence. Even if no one mentions the blemish, they must see it. The times when someone insensitive does see and does mention are particularly unpleasant.

That’s why this engineer-turned-businessman began producing and marketing So-B. He wanted others to have access to the same ingredients that have helped him.

Robert experienced unsightly lip health 2-3 times a year at the most inopportune moments. All he wanted was to find a product that improved his lip health with the highest quality and transparency possible. Most importantly, a product that cared about the consumer on a personal level. Not just another sale.

This proved to be more difficult than he anticipated, and he came up empty-handed when searching through traditional routes. Rather than continuing in despair, Robert chose to do something about it. He mined for information about lip health and nutrition and found a mountain of scientific research in the form of medical studies and peer-reviewed journals.

His research led him to the two key ingredients in the So-B supplement: lysine and camu camu.

The Beginning

Robert learned that, together, lysine and camu camu have been shown to benefit not only lip health but whole-body health.

Lysine is useful as a building block for protein and as an arginine blocker (which can contribute to lip health issues). He also found that it may help with calcium absorption, collagen creation, and stress reduction.

Camu camu is an Amazonian superfruit that may boost a person’s immune system better than most products currently on the market.

Put them together, and you get So-B. It began as a product that Robert made for himself in 2010. The results are telling: He hasn’t experienced unsightly lips due lip health in eleven years.

Still, it wasn’t until he saw a Facebook post from a young woman who was struggling with lip health that he decided to make So-B available to the public.
After some more research, this time on the marketing side of things, he discovered that no brand of dietary supplement seemed to focus solely on lip health. There was clearly a gap in the market, and Robert became determined to fill the void.

“I set out to create a brand focused on innovation, quality, transparency, philanthropy, empathy, and most importantly the needs of the customers.” –Robert Hall

A Quality Product

Once he decided to form a company, Robert knew he had to rely on more than just his own testimonial to prove the effectiveness of So-B.

Consumers would desire (and more importantly, deserve) to feel confident in the supplement they purchased. They needed to know they were buying a high-quality product. They needed to know they were buying a dietary supplement that worked.

They also needed to know that the face of the company truly cared. Robert’s main mission was to give everyone experiencing poor lip health exactly what he could never find. He also gave them a product that takes the environment, the community, and public safety into consideration.

We’ve discussed how effective the ingredients in So-B are, and we know that Robert is truly passionate about this product. Here is how he’s gone the extra mile:

So-B is made in the United States and boasts an unmatched standard for transparency and safety. The product has certifications from over ten organizations, including the National Sanitation Foundation,, PETA,, and The Detox Project.

It’s even certified: Halal, GMO-free, and paraben-free.

Robert has raised the bar by placing these certificates and test results on the company website for everyone to see.

He calls this “Verifiable Quality.”

In a society where businesses often seem to rely on fine print to pass a shady product, this kind of dedication to customers is refreshing, to say the least.

“Most companies make vegan and clean claims, however, we have partnered with and for independent and actual analysis.” –Robert Hall

Key Ingredients

So-B is comprised of two main ingredients: Lysine and camu camu.

Lysine is an amino acid that is well-known for supporting lip health, collagen production and digestion. So-B contains 1000mg of lysine. This amino acid is something that everyone needs, but the human body cannot produce it. It must come in the form of food or a supplement.

Camu camu is a superfruit packed with antioxidants and vitamin C. It is considered by some nutritionists, “The Healthiest Fruit in the World.” Just 100 grams of camu camu contains nearly 60 times the amount of vitamin C as an orange. These berries are somewhat reminiscent of grapes, but camu camu is known for being a sour fruit. It is rarely consumed in its raw form.

The So-B supplement contains 500mg of camu camu.

As if there were not enough reasons to love these little berries, camu camu has been researched to deliver other promising health benefits. There may be more benefits than meet the eye!

Always Improving

Robert Hall entered adulthood as a warehouse worker. He soon realized he wanted more out of life, so he attended college as a non-traditional student. From there, he became an engineer, and before long he earned a management position.
His role was in “Innovation and Continuous Improvement.”

Robert knows what it takes to make a successful product from every perspective: founder, consumer, and manufacturer. He will continue to improve his product, just as he has continued to improve himself.

He can’t help it. He believes in himself, this product, and his customers.

So how exactly is he working towards making this product even better? The next version of So-B will include Zinc Citrate. This is the second most abundant trace mineral in the human body, and it is beneficial in its own right. Zinc has been shown to help support immunity, skin health, eye health and heart health.

You may be wondering what the medical community has to say about all this.

Although he took it upon himself to research and test the quality and effectiveness of So-B, Robert did not leave out the opinions of medical professionals.

So-B boasts a product advisory board, which means that four different doctors have had a hand in making sure So-B is safe and beneficial. Robert has plans to add a pediatrician and pharmacist to the advisory board.


There is one more factor that sets So-B apart from other dietary supplements (and other companies in general): philanthropy.

As we previously mentioned, Robert did not go straight from high school to college. He made the choice to go back to school and further his education.

He put his degrees to good use, eventually becoming a Director of Capital and Strategic Planning. It was at this point that he and his wife decided to create the Robert and Jan-Rae Endowment at his alma mater, UNC Charlotte. This is designed to award scholarships to non-traditional students, just like Robert.

You can probably guess that any company Robert owns would have to give back to the community in some way. So-B has created the very first Customer Charity Donation Program, which partners with its customers to make a difference across the U.S.

At the end of the year, 10-20 customers are selected to delegate a percentage of net sales to a charity of their choice, in their name.

So in addition to supporting a product that is clean, animal-friendly, environmentally-friendly, and, of course, effective, customers also get to contribute to a good cause of their choosing.

It really doesn’t get much better than that. Or does it?

Made in the USA

Another issue with lysine supplements is that many products are made overseas. This means they lack safety protocols that exist in US production. So-B is made in the United States, so it is able to be manufactured in a GMP and FDA registered facility. So-B is also registered with the FDA.

So-B is proud to be creating jobs for American factories and helping the American economy.

Robert Hall founded So-B for all the right reasons. He is passionate about making lip health and the confidence that comes with it a priority. It might have been easiest to simply create a product that met all of the requirements for sale. It might have been easiest to skip some certifications, to skip the need to continuously improve, to skip the Customer Charity Donation Program.

But Robert just isn’t the type to do anything halfway. He’ll go as far as he can for himself, his family, his company and his customers. He is (and we are) just getting started.

This product has changed Robert’s life, and it can change yours. Give So-B a try today!

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