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Our Values

We are built on four core values. They will always be evident and exercised. That is our promise to you.


Integrity is our cornerstone and leading value. We believe in honesty, empathy, and showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values. We are proud to be built on a foundation of integrity, not just in word, but in action.

Employee Well-Being

Our employees are invaluable to us. They are the backbone of everything we do. They are challenged, developed, and appreciated, but most importantly, a vital part of a company making a difference in the world. We believe in our employees, their families, and their futures.

Customer Commitment

Meeting customer expectations is not good enough. Our company culture begins at exceeding expectations. From exceptional quality and customer service to product guarantees and philanthropy, we listen, deliver value, and believe in earning customer approval every day.

Executional Excellence

Executional excellence is a strategic, yet important value. It is needed to drive innovation, growth, and meet obligations to customers, employees, and shareholders. This is achieved by continuously using techniques to move from strategy to tactics.

Our Founder

I know what it feels like to experience unsightly lip health. I have dealt with it my entire life. As a teenager, I remember the shame, teasing, and disparaging comments every time I had a lip blemish.

As I grew older, more of the same. In the office or a meeting, I felt like all eyes were focused on my lip blemish. I remember taking time off from work because it was embarrassing to have unsightly lips.

In 2010, I decided enough was enough. I was not going to live like this anymore. The year after year embarrassment and stress was going to end. Through science and innovation, I created a product that changed my life.

I founded So-B with the belief that no one should have to live their life with unease about lip health. No one should have to experience this or worse. People should have the ability to live their life on their terms, carefree, without the worry of lip health.

Robert Hall - Founder and CEO at So-B

Product Advisory Board

Our product advisory board helps drive innovation, product integrity, and continuous improvement with their experience, knowledge, and professional guidance.

Dr. Alex Sadauskas, MD

Dr. Keshia Keith, PhD, LPC, NCC

Dr. Devin Miller, MD

Dr. Joshua Lesko, MD

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