So-B Overview

Headquartered in charlotte north carolina so-b is a health and technology company coalescing lip innovation research philanthropy.

So-B is a product designed and tested to eliminate blemished and distressed lips, 365 and beyond. The FDA registered product for men and women comes in three NSF certified formulas: So-B, So-B+, and So-Bmax, to meet the needs of its customers.

Elimination is just the beginning. So-B is so much more for its customers. Providing complimentary upgrades, exceptional customer service, product guarantees, free shipping, a 30-day risk free trial, but most importantly, So-B philanthropically supports institutions researching a permanent solution, as well as families struggling with neonatal complications. 

So-B bold, So-B creative, So-B terrific, So-B courageous, and live your extraordinary life without blemished and distressed lips.

It is not just a product but a movement.

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