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By sending So-B directly to you, we can invest in greater purity, safety, and transparency. Quality never found in a store.

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The Benefits of So-B

Improves Lip Health

You have many things on your to-do list. You have family and friends to spend time with. There is a world out there waiting for you to explore it. Unsightly lips should not be a concern.

Helps With Anxiety

L-Lysine may help reduce feelings of anxiety and decrease levels of the stress hormone cortisol by blocking stress response receptors.

Supports Skin Health

Camu camu contains naturally occurring phenols that may help protect skin against free radicals and support diminishing pigmentation, brighter skin, and the visible signs of aging.

Promotes a Healthy Immune System

Camu camu contains naturally occurring micronutrients and phytochemicals making it highly effective for better health and a healthy immune system.

Exceeding your expectations in every way.

Product Guarantee

If you try all of our products without the expected results for lip health, we will give you $100 towards a product that does.


We philanthropically support institutions researching lip health and assisting families struggling with neonatal and pediatric hardships due to lip health.

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Our strongest product

to improve lip health.

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